Welcome to Feature Friday No. 23

This week Norma has been busy preparing for and giving her first workshop in 3D printing for Fashion Technology. It was part of a really exciting programme from partner TheAcademy at Electorcouture. This is the first course we know if this kind, where over 4 evenings the students learn how to and create their own high tech designer bag.

Day 1 was learning about electronics – using a Arduino LilyPad to prepare the glow inside the pre-prepared bag template.

Day 2 came laser cutting – the budding Fashion tech designers used a Totec Laser cutter to very precisely cut out a beautiful pattern on their bags

Day 3 was Norma’s turn, teaching the students about many of the methods for 3D printing by showing many demonstration objects and discussing the pros and cons of the technologies. With the help of Sofie, at TheStudio the helped the designers to 3D model – with the brilliant tool Tinkercad and then print their bag handle. Slicing was done with Cura, as it is available freely for download, so makes it very accessible, and printing on the always reliable Kiwis from Sharebot.

Day 4 it all came together, when the students were taught how to sew the bag together.

All in all an absolutely fabulous way to learn about new technology and take away a unique designer glowing bag.


If you would like to join a course, please check out the link to find the next available date or contact us, and we will let you know when and where to sign up.

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