3D printed foosball players

This is a guest post by Mark. He is a foosball player and passionate foosball fan who has a blog about foosball. On his blog, he shares knowledge about foosball, both practical and theoretical. That means that he writes about foosball history or tricks, but he also writes reviews of different foosball tables as you can see in this list of tornado foosball tables post.

As one of the most popular game tables in the world, foosball can be found in bars and homes across the globe. Unfortunately, there are parts of foosball table which can be bad quality and that means it can break. One of the most important parts of a foosball table are the players on the field because when they break, the table is practically pointless. If you ever find yourself in the situation when your foosball player breaks try to make another with 3D printing. Actually, you can make your own foosball players even without them being broken, just to freshen up your table. A 3d printed foosball players will make sure that the foosball table you have is a unique product and that is pretty cool.


How to make a 3D foosball player?

When you are making your own players I strongly suggest you use your current player because there are things you will have to copy it. One of the things is the size of the hole in your foosball player. That hole is the place where the player mounts to the rod and that means that the hole should be a perfect size. Not too small or too big, it has to be perfect. If it isn’t, the player will be out of control and you won’t be able to play foosball. Another thing you have to think about is the size of the player. Make sure that you don’t make a player that is too high or it won’t be able to rotate or even hit the ball on the foosball table surface. Where’s the fun in that?

Now that the size and the hole of the player are the way they should be, let’s talk about the performance of the foosball player. Have you ever experienced a situation where you hit the ball and it goes in completely opposite direction? That happens when foosball players have round feet. Hitting the ball with the round foot and wanting it to go in one direction is practically impossible. The round feet may look better, but if you want to have a good quality foosball player you have to make them with rectangular feet. That way they hit the ball with the biggest surface – front surface and the ball will go where it has to. No more surprises!

When it comes to performance, the only thing you have to keep in mind is the foot. Everything else is not that important and that means that you can play with the rest of the player. You can make it extremely simple, without any details or you can make them look like you! If you want, you can customize the entire foosball table and make it completely in one theme. From LOTR theme and Star Wars theme to Marvel heroes or football national team of your country, you can do whatever you want.

With 3D printing, only the sky is the limit and that is what makes 3D printing so popular and special. If you are a fooser and know how to make 3D models, I suggest you decorate your foosball table with special 3D made foosball players.
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Courtesy of CEL: 3D Print the English Football Team, Foosball-Style, for Euro 2016


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