DimensionAlley aids in Antique Car Restoration

3D design make recreations of defunct parts possible

Over the past few weeks, DimensionAlley’s 3D printed restoration aided antique automobile refurbishment. An auto-enthusiast enlisted the help of DimensionAlley’s dedicated team of 3D Designers. Their task, to recreate a part no longer manufactured today. Through 3d Printing and design, they were able to recreate parts needed for the restoration project that would have, otherwise, not been available.

Restoring the parts of yesterday with the technology of today

Our product design manager, Pelgrim Vanderkerkhove, worked closely with the customer in question in order to match the original precisely. Together they created exact replicas of the missing parts. With 3D printing, designers can restore very rare or unavailable parts, though no longer produced today. The specific part designed by DimensionAlley was a headlight. With one of them broken and the specific part no longer being produced, the restorer came to us. The team supplied professional and timely service in order to provide the customer with a matching replica.

The advantages of 3D design and printing in restoration

In situations like these, 3D printing and design is a very useful option. Rather than settle for a new modern part or pay thousands to find or create a new one, additive manufacture offers a cheap and very effective alternative for restoration.

This new, efficient way of recreation and restoration is popular through many different types of experiments from across the industry. Whether it’s the massive recreation of an entire car, see here, or a small part that was broken or unavailable, 3D design gives greater options for restoration. The recreation closely mirrored the original, with only a slight more matte finish.

Originally, the design formed from outlines and dimensions taken by hand. Designers need specific tracings and measurements to create a flawless design template before moving forward with the printing process. After working tirelessly on the design Pelgrim completes the parameters and design. Then he prints the product.

Other uses for 3D printed restoration

Car restoration is far from the only thing that 3D Printing can aid. Other objects like tools, appliances, cameras also benefit from restoration and repair thanks to 3D Printing and Design. Not only can 3D printing solve problems with these items, but can also present many other options through customization and personalization. The possibilities are endless.

Have any ideas on how to improve your appliances or belongings? Or any existing problems or missing parts?

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