DimensionAlley sponsors winning Robotics Team

DimensionAlley sponsors robot in Berlin’s RoboCup.

Iceberg Robots finished in 1st place for the 2017 Berlin Junior RoboCup. The current team has further developing the robot for 2 years and has participated in a number of events testing the robots speed and reaction time. DimensionAlley sponsored the winning team that created a robot capable of performing complex movements in tight spaces. Since the start of 2016, DimensionAlley has been aiding the team in their development. Here’s a look at a previous piece on the progress of the team, Feature Friday no. 15.

Iceberg Robots, now Lorenz 18 and Finn 16, participated in the 2017 competition this march. The competition divides the robots into different weight classes and tests the robots sharp reaction time. Sensors installed in the robots differentiate between a ball and a goal in a miniature football match on a surface about the size of a ping pong table. The robots are placed in simultaneously, therefore allowing them to play against each other.

New rules for this season

This season all teams play using an orange ball which no longer sends out infrared signals for the robots to follow. The challenge for the teams was to develop new technology that could track the ball using cameras. This meant adding the camera to the bot and reprogramming. Like a human counterpart, the robot can now only see the ball from the camera “eyes” in front. But with the handicap that it cannot turn its head. So Finn and Lorenz had to think up new tactics – which remain a secret party of their winning strategy!

What’s next for Iceberg Robots?

With a win in this category, Iceberg Robots qualified for their next round, this time against other region winners. With an excellent performance, they qualified for the national competition that will take place in Magdeburg. Throughout their endeavors, DimensionAlley offers support and funding as the team prepares for their next competition. This May, Iceberg Robots will travel, along with 3 other teams, to the next round of the RoboCup. In Magdeburg, they will go up against other teams from around the country, where they aspire to reach a high enough position to qualify for the next round.

If successful this May, Iceberg Robots will be invited to an international Robotics competition hosted in Japan: “That would be awesome,” said Finn as he presented the new robots to us in the store.

DimensionAlley wishes them all the best in their endeavors!

Check out more from the team below!

twitter- @icebergrobots

youtube- Iceberg Robots Berlin

facebook- Iceberg Robots

competition- http://www.robocup-junior.org/de/qualifikation-berlin.html


Photos: Julian Prein

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