Queen’s University Belfast Installs 3D Printed Art Project


DimensionAlley aids artist Ben Craig in creation of 3D printed art

An Art project formed with additive manufactured design is on display at the Queen’s University, Belfast. The 3D printed art piece, made possible by 3D Printed materials and help from our staff at DimensionAlley, is installed and on display in The Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine at Queen’s.

Artist Ben Craig created 3D models for a ‘double-helix’ design that comprises of many 3D manufactured objects. The objects are variations on the basic geometric shapes of fruit. Using the program Sculptris, Craig was then able to shape and manipulate the objects into unique shapes. The objects matched with an identical opposite to create symmetric shapes. Following the creation of the colorful shapes, Craig anchored them to each side of plexiglass in order to give the project the double-helix shape.


Learning Together

Craig recruited DimensionAlley to help him learn the basics of 3D design and printing. He participated in several workshops focusing on the the process as well as adaption of his ideas into functional 3D prints. After learning from the staff at DA, Craig created a few prototypes. These would be the early designs of the colorful objects that would, one day, cover his project. Then, impressed with his early progress, Mr. Craig requested two printers be brought to Belfast so he could continue his project on campus. Using different, slightly transparent filament colors (provided by 3DK.berlin), Craig combined the shapes in color patterns to display a gradual color shift that runs upwards with the plexiglass.

By using 3D printed objects, Ben was able to create project uncomplicated in aesthetic nature but inherently unique. Through the process, both he and DimensionAlley shared an experience new to each of them. This concluded with 3D printing and art combining to make something beautiful. The project, rightly called “The Learning Curve”, is on display in The Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine in Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Ben’s art:


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