Truly wearable 3D printed Fashion Tech

We are ever so proud of our journey into Fashion Technology through our collaboration with Elektrocouture in Berlin. With each new piece we are getting closer and closer to wearable 3D printed fashion and not just show pieces that wow but cannot be worn.

This is the City of Sound Bolero, an evening jacket inspired by the sounds of Berlin and the transport map of Germany. It previewed at FashionTechBerlin this January

This is our Story


The Designers

All great things come in 3s. We brought together 2 designers and 1 creative technologist to create this bespoke design.

Textile & wearable designer Sofie Di Bartolomeo from Elektrocouture, keen on interactions between textiles and body.

Belgian born Pelgrim Vanderkerkhove from myProductLab has a BA in product development UAntwerpen

Creative technologist Norma Barr is co-founder of DimensionAlley 3D printing service in Berlin.

The Concept

Transportation in a thriving city is a dominating factor in our daily activity. Not just as a mode of movement but also the sights and sounds. City of Sound Bolero captures the sounds of traffic at different noise levels and converts this into a 3-dimensional pattern which reminds us of a big city skyline. The traffic map of Germany meanders the contours of the wearer’s back and arms to depict the flow of traffic in our lives.


The Technology                

The City of Sound Bolero brings real life into 3D free form modelling. Using real sound recordings converted to a digital design. The traffic map of Germany was reworked into a CAD file for 3D print. The Jacket is made from soft faux-leather and suede with the 3D design printed directly onto the material using flexible and stiff biodegradable plastics. To create a clean finish over the city scape we laser cut the material to fit exactly over the peaks.

Please contact us if you would like to know more, we are happy to look into your commission.

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