DimensionAlley Conducts 3D Education Course for Students

Heinz Brandt Schule students participate in 3D education week

Last week, DimensionAlley held a seminar for 3D printing education at the Heinz Brandt Schule in Weissensee. Students in the 7th and 8th grade were given the chance to discover the world of the 3D Printing. Our staff members, including Norma, educator and 3D printing creative technologist, oversaw four days filled with different activities and challenges for the students to complete. By participating in everything from simple silhouette prints to 3D head scans, the students immersed themselves in the world of 3D printing and design.

A week of Projects and Progression

On April 3rd, the first day of the seminar, the participants learned the basics of design and printing. DimensionAlley offered presentations as well as in depth guidance to ensure the students were ready to print. Day One consisted of simple shapes and silhouettes used to make cookie cutter shapes (using Cookie Caster) first importing and converting files where necessary, before printing the objects using our printers.

Day two offered a little more of a challenge. Using a Cubify Sense 3D Scanner, students first scanned their head and shoulders. Then, after a few sessions of trial and error, everyone had a complete scan of themselves. Speaking on the student’s’ progress, Norma Barr expressed her amazement, “I think it’s wonderful to see what the students are capable of. After learning the process, they really took it upon themselves to create the best prints and scans. Its great to see.” Following their scans, students were divided into groups. In the groups, students were tasked with solving everyday problems by creating a 3D printed solution using, only, a standard water bottle cap.

Creating for Themselves

The two teams, divided between girls and boys devised two product design ideas. Students used a CAD model of a bottle top which DimensionAlley prepared in  advance and worked with Microsoft 3D Builder design software. For the girls, they decided to make their tops individual by adding texts or characters to their water bottle caps. The boys, in the words of Norma, “The boys team decided to add a small valve and cup to the top of their bottle. They would, then, squeeze the bottle one handed, to fill the cup. It turned out to be an original product design.”

Continuing on day three, students used Meshmixer to turn their 3D head scans into interesting and crazy characters. Then, students planned for their presentation due to be given the next day. Norma also performed some last minute prints requested by some students.

Day four consisted of presentations and demonstrations of the students creations. The polished end products, which were just ideas two days before, impressed everyone involved. One 8th grader, Niels, also completed an impressive short film  showing the various projects throughout the week. Other students used 3D printed cookie cutters, made to order for their school friends, in various shapes, to create unique designs. According to Niels, “I really think we are all learning so much. We are working at it for a few hours each day, doing a lot of different activities. I’m really interested in the technical aspect so it is very interesting for me, as it is for all of us.”

Impressive Achievements

Upon the end of the week, one teacher remarked, “What was Most impressive was how quickly the students began independently working the 3D printer and how they took on the product development task to create the makings of a really useful product. It was great for the students to have a hands-on 3D printing education course like this”. At the end of the week, the students were well versed in many of the basics of 3D printing and design. Videos, head scans, water bottles, and cookie cutters were end products of a week of 3D printing education and fun for the students of the Heinz Brandt Schule.



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