3D Print Mario Level

This is a guest post by Leonie.”Hey, my name is Leonie. I’m in grade 10 and did my 3 week internship at DimensionAlley. Where I built my own Super Mario level. In order to do this I first made a sketch of my idea, as well as written down which figures I needed. My next step was to design my own characters. My goal was to do as much as possible myself. It was a lot of fun to work on Tinkercad and let my creativity run free. I imported some characters from Thingiverse into Tinkercad. After I was satisfied with my designs, I printed them with the 3D printer. After that, I also painted some of the figures in the right colors, but I did not have to paint all of them because the color of the filament was already right. At this point, the figures were already finished. Finally, I then I had my level, from A3 sheets of paper, which I painted in the right color and finished the figures on it. And this is my own little 3D print Mario Level^.”- Leonie

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