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Hello everyone! We are happy to share our new post. This time we are looking at ideas about wearable 3D printed production. 3D printing creations continue to surprise us day-by-day.

“This landmark technology allows us as designers to innovate faster and create personalized, ready-to-wear fashion in a digital world with no geometrical constraints and almost zero waste material,” said Loughborough University‘s Dr. Guy Bingham. “We envisage that with further development of the technology, we could 3D print a garment within 24 hours.”

Danit Peleg`s 3D printed clothes are one of the good examples. She started to print clothes with 3D printers for her graduation project, which was a success and she graduated from Shenkar in 2015. Her collection drew attention so she founded her brand with her name. She 3D prints jackets, tops, skirts, shoes, etc. A few weeks ago she did really special thing in our industry.

Let`s check out the recent past:Paralympics Opening Ceremony in Rio 2016 . On the stage we see Amy Purdy who is a double-leg amputee Paralympic medallist. She dances a samba with the KUKA robot and with 3D printed dress printed by Danit Peleg. It was completely fabulous. The dance segment explores the relationship between humans and technology as Amy dances with the KUKA robot, which was fitting because 3D printers are also a type of robot.

Up till now, 3D printed clothes has been pretty much the exclusive zone of haute couture. But as the technology is adopted by more apparel makers, it has the potential to trickle down to the masses. When that happens, “it can be as revolutionary as the sewing machine,” said Andrew Bolton, Manus x Machina’s curator. “It means you can 3D print your dress to your exact measurements at home.”

One day, we think, the process could be pretty simple. Customers could download the patterns, just like music files, and print them.

3D printing could be revolutionary, said Eric Wilson, fashion news director at InStyle magazine, just not in the way we’d expect it to be.

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