Dimension Alley hosts 3D Printing Workshop

Last Friday Dimension Alley had the pleasure of hosting 15 fashion and design students from Milan, Italy. The group of young adults and their professors witnessed a presentation, demonstration, and workshop on 3D printing basics, provided by our Dimension Alley Staff.


The tour of Dimension Alley began with a presentation of 3D printing techniques and processes. This also included the services and advantages that it provides to the fashion and design industry. The presentation provided important context and info over common printing techniques. As well as education on the process of printing, it also gave the students examples of which industries benefited the most from 3D Printing .  The variety of uses 3D printing has today amazed the students.


Following the presentation, the students witnessed a short, interactive workshop. It included the guidelines for the modelling of printed objects and design concepts. The workshop covered the concept of layering sizes, slicing, and modeling supports in order for the students to understand the immense process that takes place before a printer is even touched.


Now, with the background of the process covered, the students were ready to attempt printing for themselves. The students were split into smaller groups in order to put what they had just learned into action.The Stretchy Bracelet, provided by Emmett on Thingiverse.com (thing:13505), was the template on offer to the group. In the groups, each student was able to interact with the machines. They used different colors and variations of PLA to create original bracelets.

Finally, following the completion of their bracelets, the group had experienced the process of 3D printing from start to finish. Both the students and the staff enjoyed a memorable experience teaching learning about a very interesting process.

We, here at Dimension Alley, are very happy to continue to offer classes and opportunities for anyone interested in knowledge of 3D Printing and Design!!

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