DLP — or digital light processing — is a 3D printing process that works with photopolymers and produces highly accurate and detailed objects.

We print with a Sharebot Voyager DLP printer which applies light to the entire surface of a vat of photopolymer resin in a single pass, hardening the layer.

DLP produces highly accurate parts with excellent resolution. Parts may require a printed support structures and are post-cured with UV light.

The Voyager only need shallow vat of liquid resin material for the process, which generally results in minimal waste and good value running costs.

DLP printed dwarves

Sharebot General Purpose resin

General purpose resin for models and prototypes with good detail and definition. Great price/quality ratio.


Sharebot castable resin

Combine 3D printing with the lost wax casting method to create METAL objects. The resin is yellow but will look whitish after casting.

It allows highly detailed printing and completely melts away during the casting process.

Sharebot elastic resin

This elastic resin is the ideal for creating models with a smooth and elastci quality similar to silicone.
Share-EL has great detail definition and its colour is rich and deep.