Your onsite 3D Print Innovation Lab

Do you want to set up your own print lab?

We help you set up your own in-house 3D print lab with a variety of technologies for your needs

Getting you up to speed quickly with installation and support

We can even man it for you!

Benefit from our 3D printing service for bigger jobs

Our service

  • Consulting
  • 3D printer supply
  • Installation
  • Training and workshops
  • Maintenance support
  • CAD design on demand
  • Consumables and spare parts
  • Our 3D printing expert onsite as you need
  • We can run the lab for you as part of your team

Your 3D print Innovation Lab – at your site

Customers we have helped

Elektrocoutre Berlin

Siemens Chemnitz

E.I.S Electronics GmbH

Volkswagen Autostadt