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Wall Clock Day 1 - Blank Canvas

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Wall Clock Day 1 - Blank Canvas

3D printing cafe Berlin

Scan and print your very own 3D "Selfie"!

Scan Me!

Make it personal!

Zero to maker is our motto. Workshops, training sessions, 3D printing services, school programmes, 3D selfie scanning, unique gifts as well as delicious food and great tea and coffee. It’s all at DimensionAlley.

 3D printing café

Excellent coffee, real English tea, wholesome meat and vegetarian pies and pasties, mouth-watering cakes. Enjoy our café selection while our 3D printers materialise your creations! You can even pre-order your pies if your lunch break is only short.

 Workshops – 39 Euro introductory offer

90 minute introduction to 3D printing including designing and printing your first object. Special Kids price €20 on Friday afternoons.


Create yourself as a mini me. 1/2 body figures in 1 colour, prices starting from 29 Euros


3D printing for all. We want to support everyone, young or old, on their journey from Zero to Maker. We introduce you to simple computer aided design and modelling tools. Schools, Kitas or any associations welcome at DimensionAlley or at your location.


We love to show off what 3D printing can do. Our print café is full of objects to touch and look at. Local designers welcome to showcase their work

 3D Print

We print in a variety of thermoplastic PLA (biodegradable corn starch plastics) and wood/ceramic based filament. Our printers can be used for DIY or assisted use.

 Design service

We work together with the excellent “Design Factory 3D” to take your design from an idea, sketch, image or digital design to a printable object


Save on tooling costs by prototyping at DimensionAlley. Re-design and re-print prototypes quickly and cost effectively. Bringing production to you, locally. Small-scale manufacture using 3D print.