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3D printing experience store and café Berlin - Liselotte-Herrmannstr. 1, 10407 Berlin. Open 11:00-18:00 (Saturday from 13:00)



Jewelers and designers

WEDNESDAY 9th SEPTEMBER, 18:00 – 20:00

You are welcome to attend

At DimensionAlley Berlin

DLP printed dwarves

Family momento - 3D scan portraits from €29

Make me a 3D Selfie

Gift voucher

Perfect last minute presents. For workshops and 3D printing – or pies and pasties. Our vouchers are all 3D printed


Zero to Maker

3D printing is for everyone. Come and try it!


€7.50 / 30 mins print

€49 Personal workshops

€30+ Design service

€20+ Scanning


€5 Pie and salad

€2.50 Scones with cream

 3D Print service

We print in a variety of thermoplastic PLA (biodegradable corn starch plastics) ABS, wood/ceramic copper and bronze mix and flexible filaments. Use our uploader to pre-order a print or use our walk-in-service directly in the store.

 Design service

We work together with the excellent “Design Factory 3D” to take your design from an idea, sketch, image or digital design to a printable object


Locally produced filament in Pantone shades. 800g – €30 and 320g – €16 roles or meterware to test.
Proudly retailing the Sharebot Kiwi entry level printer from €650


Save on tooling costs by prototyping at DimensionAlley. Re-design and re-print prototypes quickly and cost effectively packages from €45. Local production and small-scale manufacture with 3D print.

Workshops daily

A variety of tailored workshops e.g. 120 minute introduction to 3D printing including designing and printing your first object €49. Special Kids price €25 on Friday afternoons.

 Schools and Kitas

3D printing excursions for schools and Kitas. From Zero to Maker at any age. An educational step into the future. Simple computer aided design and 3D print to take home. Contact us.

 3D printing café

Excellent coffee, real English tea, wholesome meat and vegetarian pies and pasties, home-backed cakes. Relax while 3D printers materialise your creations! Pre-order also on 030 68008725


Mini-me yourself. Full body or 1/2 body busts. You pose, we scan. Select your colour and let us materialise your selfie. Great gift or memory of an occasion. Affordable and fast, from €29.

 Printer retail

Sharebot 3D printers. Italian style meets high technology. From €650